Storm Tight Windows FAQ’s

What range of window styles does Storm Tight offer?

Storm Tight offers double-hung windows, sliding and tilt-in sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, and sliding patio doors. For images that show what each of these styles looks like, please visit our products page.

Additionally, we offer these styles in three different forms, depending on the level of protection you desire for your home. Our base-level windows and doors have annealed glass that can withstand winds and impacts of up to 65 mph, as well as a steel-reinforced horizontal sash and a safety seal latch. Our Premier windows and doors have double-tempered glass that can withstand winds up to 130 mph, with four steel reinforcements in the horizontal sashes. Our Hurricane Impact windows and doors have three panes of glass, and an acrylic core on the most exterior pane. These extraordinary windows have eight steel reinforcements in the horizontal and vertical sashes, offering the most robust frames and sashes on the market today.

What makes Storm Tight unique from other window and door companies?

Storm Tight offers the highest quality windows and doors that deliver both strength and aesthetics. Our clients know that our customer service is the finest in the industry. Our installers are courteous and experienced craftsmen who truly care about the quality of their work.

Do Storm Tight windows and doors have approval from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)?

Texas’ coastal region is known to have strict approval codes for hurricane and storm resistant windows and doors. Our Ultimate 170 mph laminated glass (for hurricane and tornado storm protection) and our Premier 130 mph double tempered product exceed the nation’s most stringent code requirements for storm-prone regions, and easily meet the requirements outlined by TDI (Texas Department of Insurance).

Why should I install products from Storm Tight Windows – Texas in my home?

Each city and county has building codes, and in Texas, many address the specific risks of hurricanes and tornadoes. These codes are mandated to ensure that new homes being built and those being remodeled have the best and safest building products available. When you choose Storm Tight to install your Ultimate or Premier windows and doors, you can be certain that the products you purchase meet and exceed the building codes for your area. If you’re not sure about the building codes and recommended standards for your area, Storm Tight will be happy to offer you a free consultation so that you can be sure that your home conforms to code and is as safe as possible for you and your family. In addition, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner insurance when you install code-approved, hurricane-resistant windows and doors in your home.

If I live in a Wind-Storm Zone, why should I use Ultimate or Premier windows and doors from Storm Tight Windows – Texas instead of boarding up or shuttering my home?

Storm Tight’s Ultimate Hurricane and Tornado Storm Protected windows and doors do not require shuttering. This saves you money, labor, and precious time when a severe storm is approaching. As a turnkey solution, our windows and doors give you peace of mind whether you are at home or away when the big storm comes.

What kind of UV protection do Storm Tight’s windows provide?

Our windows provide 99 percent blockage of ultraviolet light, protecting your family photographs, favorite furniture, exotic rugs, and even hardwood flooring from the effects of fading or discoloring from regular exposure to direct sunlight. This is particularly important for residents whose homes are assaulted with intense sunlight and heat throughout the year.

Will my new windows and doors from Storm Tight reduce outside noise?

Our products are scientifically designed to help reduce outdoor noise. Many of our clients have told us that their windows have brought a new peace and quiet to their homes that they had never before experienced. In particular, for those who live near busy intersections or highways, or even in communities with children and homes in close proximity to each other, installing Storm Tight windows and/or doors has provided a renewed tranquility to their living environment.

Can my new Storm Tight windows improve energy efficiency?

Storm Tight’s windows and doors are made with steel reinforced virgin vinyl frames and double glazing panes, which keep both cold and hot air from entering the home. These units provide excellent insulation, helping to isolate home interiors from weather changes and contributing to significant savings on monthly utility bills.

How quickly can I have my new windows and/or doors installed?

Storm Tight is proud to offer fast turnaround times with outstanding project management. Our installation times are kept to a minimum without sacrificing the quality of work or service. With that said, homeowner association approvals, acquisition of permits, and adverse weather conditions can play a factor in the installation time. Storm Tight’s current installation times range between three and five weeks.

Can I expect to receive insurance premium discounts when I install Storm Tight impact windows?

If the entire home is protected with Storm Tight hurricane-resistant windows and doors, many insurance companies offer premium discounts. In most cases, discounts range between 10 and 20 percent. Check with your insurance carrier to obtain more information about how you can receive discounts on your insurance premiums by protecting your home with Storm Tight windows and doors.

What major cities does Storm Tight service?

Storm Tight Windows of Texas services Houston and Dallas, and their surrounding areas.

What will installing Storm Tight windows and doors do to the value of my property? 

By installing Storm Tight windows and doors the value of your property can increase immediately. The addition of high-quality windows and doors from Storm Tight is an investment in your property that pays for itself.